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  • Casting - Most skeletal fractures require a period of immobilisation ( usually around 6 weeks) to allow healing of bone and soft tissue to occur. 
  • Hydrotherapy - (Aquatic Physiotherapy) Our onsite Hydrotherapy pool helps us cater for a wide range of conditions both medical and orthopaedic. Come and enjoy an hour of exercise and fun. more
  • Joint mobilisation - A common practice among physiotherapists where a joint is moved passively to achieve a therapeutic effect to increase joint range of motion. This is also known as Manual Therapy.
  • Manipulative Therapy - Manipulative Therapy is used as a means of promoting healing, increasing joint mobility and relieving pain by the use of joint and soft tissue mobilisations (occasional manipulation) and continual reassessment of treatment effectiveness each time.
  • Pre and post operative conditioning and rehabilitation - exercise perscription to maximise recovery after operations such as total knee replacements for example.
  • Sports Therapy - Our Physiotherapy staff are active sports participants and our in-depth knowledge of spinal & limb biomechanics determines that we are able to treat a number of sporting conditions and injuries. more
  • Ultrasound - ultrasound is a high frequency sound wave used to create a deep micro-massage effect of the tissues. It is used as an adjunct to other forms of therapy.



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